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2014 MG 3 Specification

2014 MG 3 Specification

2014 MG 3 Specification. MG has used the Shanghai show 2013 engine preview of the new and exciting supermini MG3, until the United Kingdom and European launches by the end of 2013. Continue with pictorial style keys for the first time in the MG Zero concept vehicle, the new European MG3 is a distinctive statement of modern British style, designed to target the young and style conscious buyers, who want something that’s fun to drive […]

2013 MG CS Specification

An impressive MG CS urban SUV concept car has been presented in the Hall of Shanghai 2013 . The concept CS MG vanguard was designed to be inserted in the sector of the compact SUV , one of the fastest growing areas in the world car market, where the style and the utility of the sports dominate the fashion trends . It is the last result of a major investment in the brand by the […]

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