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2013 Morgan Plus 8 Specification

The new Morgan Plus 8 makes use of a technology in the aviation industry to achieve an unladen weight of only 1100kg . This makes the Morgan Plus 8 passenger car lighter V8 in the world adopted the European safety standards. The car also has one of the chassis more rigid all the convertible roadsters available today . The car is the ideal companion in the country and the urban roads . Responds immediately to […]

2012 Morgan Roadster Specification

the new Morgan Roadster 3.7 is deceptively fast with a cyclone Ford six cylinder. Power delivery is smooth and consistent all the way up to the maximum engine speed of 6,850 per minute. The total weight of this car is made of aluminum only 950kg which explains a power-to-weight ratio of around300bhp per tonne. Power delivery is transmitted to the road through a limited-slip differential with bevel gears for good traction outside of the line […]

2012 Morgan Plus E Concept Specification

a electric sports car with a manual transmission speeds of five has been designed by Morgan , with the support of the British technology specialists and Zytek Radshape . Shown as a concept to test the reaction of the market, the radical new roadster could enter into production if there is sufficient demand. ” We wanted to see how much fun you can have on an electric sports car, by what we have built one […]

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