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2012 Rinspeed Dock-Go Concept Specification

“is not going to take your trunk as if it were in a lengthy vacation if you want to do is a bit of shopping in your local supermarket!” – No, Switzerland automotive visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht is not by hiring out as a travel consultant with experience in these days that has seen much of the world . Rather, the man of Zumikon near Zurich is simply noted that usually all do the right […]

2011 Rinspeed BamBoo Concept Specification

This irritates car. It could be that this is the ingenious craft creations of world-renowned New York pop artist James Rizzi . In any case, the last work of Rinspeed Concept Bamboo Frank M. Rinderknecht allows the output of the sun on the creatures of metal over the engineering at the Geneva Motor Show, whose sole purpose is to never touch another that the asphalt black nothing. Yes , this is a taste of summer […]

2010 Rinspeed UC Concept Specification

Rinspeed UC is full of emotions and new ideas – that is the hallmark of the signature of all the cars car visionary concept of Swiss Frank M. Rinderknecht that have added colors bright spots at the Geneva Motor Show for many years . Rinspeed chief Rinderknecht always has a surprise up its sleeve, and this year is no different. Once more, he does what anyone would have expected of the child prodigy known in […]

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