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2010 Venturi Fetish Specification

In the Mondial de l’Automobile 2010 in Paris, Venturi has introduced a new Venturi fetish , directly based on developments to the program World Records of Venturi in Bonneville, USA ( 2009-2012) with the Venturi ” JAMAIS Contente ” , the fastest electric vehicle in the world . Rear Spoiler , trims black headlights , colors ” Bonneville ” and finishes that are reminiscent of the decoration of the Venturi ” Jamais Contente ” , […]

2010 Venturi America Specification

The 2010 Venturi America America Venturi combines both the values of mainstream America and those derived from the new awareness of the ecological problems . This new American dream is plasma in this new model of Venturi : a sports car driving electric high that you can see himself leads, the hair to the wind”, through the marvelous landscape that offers this vast continent . Equipped with the same engine of more than 300 horsepower […]

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