New Cars For 2015

The year that has just begun comes loaded with intense news. propose a list of 20 cars belonging to several segments which, in our view, will be on everyone’s lips and in the garage for many. Some new Cars for 2015 are :
Jaguar F-Type 2015
Which has been, without a doubt, sports car this year that now ends, has prepared a series of novelties for 2015. The first of these is being able to choose with integral traction, so it increases the mobility and enhances security; the second is that lovers of more traditional and pure driving may opt for a manual gearbox’s six-speed versions equipped with six-cylinder engine with rear-wheel drive. It also adopts a new electric power steering and some design changes.

New Cars For 2015

Mercedes AMG-GT
The signing of star has developed in collaboration with AMG this supercar, which catches the previous SLS witness Gull wings. It is of a Coupe two-seater, with a simply spectacular line, hidden under the hood a V8 engine of 4,000 cc supercharged with two turbos, whose power is 462 or 510 HP, for versions of GT and GT S. all eyes will focus on 2015 in this German beast, that is able to meet the 0 to 100 in 3.8 seconds and reach a point of 310 km/h.
Mazda MX-5
The fourth generation of the convertible quintessential prepares to exit the market at the end of this year. Although its design has been modernized, the little Japanese roadster maintains its essence unchanged. Continues to be a rear-wheel drive, now lighter if it fit, and moves with cylinder capacity average of Skyactive family engines are not turning to over-eating. Agile and very buzzard, it will continue to offer fun behind the wheel.
Porsche 911 GTS
The current generation of the Porsche 911 has GTS version, probably the most balanced range. It again uses the boxer engine six cylinder and 3.8 liters, but now with a power raised to 430 HP. Available with rear or integral traction version coupé or Cabriolet, and with manual or automatic seven-speed PDK, this nueveonce is noted for its rims monotuerca of 20 inches in diameter, its darkened optical groups and their two flanged axes.
BMW 6 series
BMW 6 series undergoes a slight restyling which affects all versions (two door coupe, four-door Gran Coupe and Cabrio). The mechanical supply does not vary, although some engines now achieve greater efficiency. Design innovations include bumpers, Grill, exhaust vents, rear-view mirrors and body colors. In the equipment section are incorporated as standard equipment headlamps with LED lighting. Also, arrive new lines of equipment.
Ford Mondeo
It is difficult at this stage to talk about the Mondeo as a generalist saloon, since the new generation has given an important qualitative leap. Settled on a completely new structure, oval model has managed to reduce significantly its weight, while it has gained in driving pleasure. In its range of engines, there are the latest ecoboost gasoline and even a hybrid.
Volvo V60 Cross Country
Cross Country is the name that Volvo has given his most campero V60. As well, it reveals its image, it is a variant of the Swedish family saloon that stands out for its ability to roll off the road. It has a greater height to the ground, plastic protection in the bodywork and front, or total traction to the customer’s choice. Although it already supports orders, until the coming year not be available at dealerships. In its range, there will be four- and five-cylinder engines, both diesel and gasoline.
Jaguar XE
Worthy rival of models such as the Mercedes C-class, the BMW 3 series and the Audi A4, the new model of access to the Jaguar range is called to be a large volume of sales car. XE, which will be one of the major players in 2015, sits on the new platform modular brand and adopts new engines Ingenium, recently released to the market and very efficient in terms of consumption and emissions. At the top will be shown the S version, equipped with a motor 3.0 with six cylinders and 340 HP.
VW Golf R Variant
If someone thought that family members are boring and non-vehicle, here is a good example that can actually be the opposite. Thanks to the 2.0 engine 300 HP, this special Golf TFSI gives the driver performance of vertigo and a touch of chassis with a nearly perfect balance of sportiness and comfort. And all this, without sacrificing the practicality of your tailgate and his trunk of 605 litres, which is worth everything. Unlike the Golf R 3 and 5 doors, the Variant is only offered with shift DSG.
Seat Leon ST Cupra
Great Seat surprise for this year that you just kick is the version Cupra de el León ST. A model that sits on the line of the Golf Variant R, with which it shares engine and many chassis components, as well as the versatility of its family housing. In the spring of 2015 will reach our market with two power levels, 265 and 280 HP, and front-wheel drive. A car almost as exciting as the VW Golf that we cited but with a tighter starting price.
Subaru Outback
One of the latest announcements of the year just ended was the fifth generation of the Subaru Outback. A vehicle located halfway between a family sedan and a SUV, which arrives with the effective traction integral Symmetrical All Wheel Drive system and engines also known boxer, in this case a 2.0-litre diesel and a 2.5 liter (both EU6) gasoline. Between its technological endowment figure the eyesight, which recognizes moving objects and acts on the engine, transmission and brakes to avoid collision.
Honda Civic
The compact Japanese undergoes a restyling, the second since it saw light in 2012 the current generation. Seen from the outside, change the design of the headlights and pilots, Grill and the front and rear bumpers. In the interior it welcomes a multimedia system with 7 inch touchscreen, which integrates Bluetooth connection, GPS and internet access. They are also new upholsteries and some devices as the Assistant of braking emergency, which is able to stop the car to detect risk of accident.
Hyundai i30
Gone already are those times in which Koreans manufacturing cars that were not at the height of their European rivals. The Hyundai i30, which will be renewed in April 2015, leaves the high Pavilion with its improvements in equipment, their new engines (are less thirsty and not need a tube of 1.6 liter and 186 CV) and its new dual-clutch seven-speed automatic transmission. Later will come the version i30 N, whose estimated power moves between 250 and 300 horses.
Opel Karl
This urban small receives the name of the son of Adam Opel, who was founder of the German brand apart by 1862. Only 3.68 meters in length, it will become an alternative to vehicles such as the brand new Suzuki Celerio, when you reach the market in the summer of 2015. Equipped with the most modern technology, you will be able to leave behind many of its rivals thanks to the alert by change of rail, cruise control or the heated steering wheel. Its engine is a three-cylinder 1.0-75 CV.
At last we have among us a new generation of the most desired urbanite. Born fruit of an agreement between Mercedes-Benz and Renault, the Smart maintains its tiny length of 2.7 meters, but adopts new engines, a groundbreaking design and, for the first time, offers the possibility of choosing a manual gearbox. Although diesel is not included in the plans, yes we will see a hybrid Smart.
Audi Q7
The giant of German SUVS has come to the fore before his coming-out, which will take place this week at the Detroit show. What most draws the attention of the second generation of the Q7 is that it has been a diet to reduce your total weight in nothing less than 325 kilograms. This places it among the best in its category and makes their consumption and emissions figures to fall significantly. It will go on sale in summer with a TFSI and TDI engine, and it will continue to offer 7-seater.
Land Rover Discovery Sport
Discovery Sport is the name Land Rover has reserved for his new creation. It’s an off-roader, which aims to open a niche unknown brand and aims to reach new customers who are looking for a good quality/price ratio through a product offering front or integral traction, three rows of seats (optional) and new Motors Ingenium presented in the Jaguar XE. Although already allowed this Land Rover orders, still will have to wait a few weeks until its commercialization.
Mazda CX-3
Located below the CX-5 successful, this SUV comes to make their way in the prolific segment of the SUV of compact size. The design is one of its strengths, as usual is the Japanese brand models. Under the hood will appear Skyactive 1.5 and 2.0-litre engines, and it will offer the possibility of choosing between the integral traction or the two-wheel drive. This last option is probably the most demanded. Their prices are not yet known, but all indications are that it will be a rival of the Nissan Juke.
Mercedes-Benz GLE
Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer is designs coupé. However, this time has been regarded in the mirror of BMW when creating your SUV GLE, because its design inevitably reminiscent of the X 6. In June of 2015 to reach the market this SUV of aires sports, that we have no doubt will be very dynamic when driving it. In its offer mechanical initial contained a series of diesel and gasoline engines, all of them with supercharged 6-cylinder turbo and associated with a 9-speed automatic transmission.
Fiat 500 X
The last of the list, but not is the less important. In fact, it has all the ballots to become the new product group Fiat-greater star. The 500 X is a compact SUV that is notable for its livability and its overall quality level, in addition to successful design. When it goes on the market in the spring of 2015 it will do so with two versions, one approach to urban and other more off road. At the client’s disposal there is a wide range of motors with powers ranging from 95 to 170 HP.

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