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The Benefit of Flushing Your Fuel Injectors

Posted on November 2, 2021 by Willard Fraire

Some of the most frequent complaints of motorists today, are lack of motor performance and poor fuel economy. There are many variables that can cause both of these concerns. Old spark plugs, clogged air filters, and plugged fuel filters are simply a couple of the most frequently neglected maintenance items that cause these complaints. 1 component which most individuals don't even think about in regards to tune-up maintenance is the FUEL INJECTORS.

As fuel burns over the combustion chamber, there are small particles of carbon that are left behind. These small particles adhere to parts located inside the cylinders.

Over time these become larger deposits that rob your engine of its own performance and market. Intake and exhaust valves no more seat properly in the cylinder head.

Fuel injectors become clogged and no more spray the fine atomized spray that they are intended to for optimal performance. Carbon even adheres to the piston rings, eventually causing oil consuption.

Regularly flushing your fuel injection system won't only clean the fuel injectors, but will also help clean the valves and pistons at precisely the same time. Another great practice to follow in your daily quest to maintain your engine maintained would be to add a cleaning agent to your fuel tank with each other fill up. This won't prevent the carbon residue completely, but will help limit the amount of deposits between flushes. You will still have to flush your fuel injectors once each year.