2016 Chevrolet Volt Specification

2016 Chevrolet Volt Specification. Chevrolet presented the new electric car Volt 2016 of extended-reach, showing a more elegant, design more sporting has 50 kilometers of range EV, greater efficiency and stronger acceleration. New Chevrolet Volt propulsion system, efficient will offer full autonomy estimated-Motors’ general of more than 400 kilometres and with regular cargo, expected that the owners of travel more than 1,000 kilometers on average between gas refuelling. “The 2016 Chevrolet Volt offers our owners with a no-compromise electric driving experience”, said Alan Batey, President of GM North America. “We believe that our skill in engineering combined with data from thousands of customers allows us to deliver the vehicle more capable plug-in in the industry”.

2016 Chevrolet Volt Specification

Technology and advances of the 2016 range Chevrolet Volt are complemented by a design that blends, sculpted muscular proportions with efficiency downforce, and a new interior with seating for five people, and better functionality. Everything from the battery and check the State of charge, to the intuition of the controls of the instrument panel is designed for ease of use. “According to the independent experts, Volt owners are the most satisfied in the industry and which were our compass for the development of the next generation model,” Batey said.

2016 highlights Volt:
New dual-engine drive unit is up to 12 percent more efficient and 100 pounds lighter (45 kg) of the first-generation drive unit
Two engine design allows acceleration from zero to 30 mph stronger 19 per cent
Battery capacity has increased to 18.4 kWh using a weight reduced by more than £20 192 cells (96 fewer than the current generation)
Regen Demand ™ feature allows the control of the driver of energy regeneration through a convenient palette in the back of the steering wheel
New Extender range 1. 5 l, designed to use fuel regular unleaded, offers a fuel efficiency estimated by GM combined 41 mpg (EPA estimate pending)
Strong body structure and quieter ride
New brakes with enhanced and mixing Regen system feeling
New, capacity for five passengers with heated seats available rear
Location-based load capacity
Portable cord 120V Kit has a simple, compact design with more suitable storage location
Available illuminated charging port

The 2016 Volt goes on sale in the second half of 2015.

Sleeker, sportier design
2016 Volt has a completely new, muscular design that has inspired features DNA-performance Chevrolet vehicle refined in wind tunnel. New features, including blinds Grill assets, design balance helps effectively. Fluid, dynamic form of the Volt is inspired on the toned physique athletes and even natural forms of sand whipped by the wind, with body-side carved and defenses that merge with the capo. The front aspect retains identity iconic Volt, with top and bottom Grill bright pads.

2016 Chevrolet Volt Specification

Greater attention to detail in the design cues, materials and colors is also paid a higher premium, contemporary aura to its appearance. Also firm retains distinctive Volt in the front doors higher, leading to more than one of the identifiers of the first generation model. Interior, the new Volt includes seating for five. Fresh colors exude an aura of luxury inviting – complemented by blue ambient lighting – while the controls are more intuitive and easy to manage.

The Volt retains its dual color displays digital signature with a reconfigurable display of eight-inch-diagonal in the instrument panel to transmit information to the driver. An eight inch touchscreen of additional diagonal in the center of the instrument panel controls Chevrolet MyLink.

Less icons on the central Dashboard makes it easier to operate. Independent climate control knobs and buttons under the Center display offer convenient operation clear.

New Voltec propulsion system
A new, second Voltec generation of extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) propulsion system is the power behind greater range of fully electric driving 2016 of the Volt, greater efficiency and stronger acceleration. It was designed on the basis of the first Volt owners driving behaviors generation. Owners Volt completed more than 80 percent of their trips without using a drop of gasoline and tell us that they love the electric driving experience.” Put that experience in the Centre of the development of the new Voltec system helped us to improve the range, while also making the funniest new Volt drivers, said Andrew Farah, Chief Engineer of vehicles.”We have established a precedent when the original Voltec propulsion system, debuted and this new iteration sets the bar even higher EV technology.”

The Voltec system includes electronics battery, motor, transmission and extended range power unit.
Battery technology leader in the industry of GM has been redesigned for the next generation Volt. 2016 Volt will use a system of batteries of 18.4 kWh with revised chemical cell developed in conjunction with LG Chem. While the total storage capacity of the system has increased, the number of cells has declined as the result of a chemistry revised 288-192. The cells are placed low in the package for a (lower) improved Center of gravity and the total mass of the package is 21 lbs (9.8 kg) lighter. 2016 Chevrolet Volt Specification

Just like the battery, two engines for the next Volt drive system generation offers greater efficiency and performance, along with reducing noise and vibration. Drive unit operates up to 12 percent more efficient and weighs 100 lbs (45 kg) less than in the current system. Both engines work together in more scenarios driving, both in EV and extended-range performance. The ability to use both engines helps to provide an improvement of 19 percent acceleration power from zero to 30 mph (2.6 seconds) and an improvement of 7 percent from zero to 60 mph (8.4 seconds). GM engineers designed the electric motors Voltec used raw materials significantly less rare earths. An engine does not use a type of rare-earth magnets.

Most convenient location-based charging
The use of the experiences of the real world of the current owners Volt, Chevrolet made in the upcoming Volt charging system more convenient generation for customers can recharge the battery – and to check the State of charge.

2016 Chevrolet Volt Specification

Load the GPS location-based
“Owners will now be able to set their preferences of charge exclusively for the” home “load and vehicle is automatically set to this setting when in” House “based on GPS data”, said Farah, the head of machines. “The new Volt will be giving owners greater flexibility for loading in their terms and make public charged easy.” This will allow owners check the validity to establish their level of 120V (eight amps or 12 AMPS) and if they want to load immediately, set a start time for each day of the week, or set a time and a program of utility rates to charge only rates not peak. These settings will only be programmed once and the Volt will be by default when the vehicle’s return to their place of origin.

New, more intuitive charge status indicators
The next generation Chevy Volt makes it easier for owners to confirm your Volt is charging and measuring the charge State. The new system of account statement with a specially designed tone that indicates when it has started charging, with delay load additional ringtones. Even otherwise if the loading port door left open after disconnecting, but before entering the vehicle. With a look through the windshield, a light current charge status indicator in the at the top of the instrument panel displays the approximate charge level through a series of flashes. A charging port available illuminated makes it easier to connect at dusk.

Improvements of the portable cable set
A new game from portable 120V cable has a simple, compact design with more suitable storage location. The reservoir for the cable is now on the left side of the Volt rear cargo area, above the cargo floor, to improve accessibility.

Safety equipment
The new Chevrolet Volt offers new standard and available safety features that work with a completely new body structure to provide accident prevention and the protection of passengers capacity. Noteworthy:
Standard rearview camera,

Ten standard air bags, including driver and front passenger knee airbags
Available active safety features offered by Lane keep assist with the warning of lane change, the blind side of alert of lane change area alert, rear cross-traffic alert, warning of frontal collision with tracking of distance indicator, automatic front braking, and the advanced Park assist with front and rear parking Assistant (semi-automatic parallel parking)
Expansion of the use of high strength steel in the entire structure of the body improves strength and reduces weight. Routes of more effective structural load in the framework, as well as structures of reinforced rocker panel and side structure reinforcement
New technologies of active safety and structural improvements to increase the legacy of the Volt’s performance of top security, which includes a new car assessment program ratings general 5-Star of the national administration of traffic safety on roads for the current model.

GM is investing $435.000.000 in the production of the next generation of the Chevrolet Volt at the Assembly plant in Detroit-Hamtramck and Brownstown, (Mich.) Battery assembly plant, where it produces its lithium-ion battery pack. New drive unit is manufactured in the plant of GM in Warren, Mich., Powertrain and engine of 1.5 liters will be manufactured at Toluca, Mexico from GM engine for the first year of production, then plant move to the Flint, Mich. Engine plant. Since its introduction in late 2010, the Volt has established Southeast of Michigan as the development of the electrification of the vehicle and manufacturing center. The new generation Volt will count with approximately 70 per cent of United States and Canada components within its first year of production, an increase of almost 20 per cent of the first generation.

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